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MARS has made our own awards to give to those who have helped us, graduated from UGA as members of MARS and for just being plain awesome. Here are the awards and who has received them.

Thank You Award

The Thank You Award is a small token of our appreciation for those SCAdians that have opened their homes and hearts to us, shared their knowledge and time, and encouraged us to pursue our journey through history. Here is the list of those awesome people:
    Michael Johnson/Ingelri (Spring 2011)
    Kathryn Johnson/Katerina (Spring 2011)
    Anne Eden (Spring 2011)
    Tracie Brown (Spring 2011)
    Casey Gordon/Orlando Cavalcanti (Spring 2011)
    Alexander Medina/Brecht (Spring 2011)
    Kelsie Crawford (Spring 2011)
    Troy Koenig/ Gwyd (Spring 2011)
    Sheri Koenig/Zofia (Spring 2011)
    George Cavender (Spring 2011)
    Carly Cagle (Spring 2011)
    Tony Cagle/Muffin Man (Spring 2011)
    Wyman (Spring 2011)
    Tammy Breckenridge (Spring 2011)
    Gil Hattier/Finnvarthr (Spring 2011)
    Lonnie Harvel (Spring 2011)
    Margaret Dowdle Head/Margala (Spring 2011)
    Edward Head/Aeddie (Spring 2011)
    Christian Cotton/ Óengus (Spring 2011)
    Ashley Cotton/ Muirenn (Spring 2011)
    Clint Murphy (Spring 2011)
    Shelly Samet/Natalya (Spring 2011)
    Susan Wilson/Mariona (Spring 2011)

Graduation Award

The Graduation Award is for those that have moved on from UGA into the real world.
    Nick Church (Spring 2010)
    Joey Foss (Summer 2009)
    Alexander Medina (Fall 2008)
    Kelsie Crawford (Spring 2011)
    Mason Webb (Spring 2010)
    Jeff Gohlke (Spring 2011)

Totally Cool Awesome Award of Doom

The Totally Cool Awesome Award of Doom was named after Bryn Madoc's Totally Super Cool Awesome Groovy Dude Award. The award is not gender specific but Bunny liked the name when she created the award. The award was created to more closely resemble the SCA since MARS didn't have any bling at the time. This award has been given to people who have come to the rescue of the club when it needed it. There names and stories are listed below.
    Steven Barrow: The person this award was made up for. No matter what needed doing or what skills were required Steven was there. He diligently worked not only on his own armor but that of Amy Harding's and Brandon Lou's. He has been the most helpful person of any club member. Whenever labor was needed, he was there with a smile on his face ready to lend a hand. Whenever any project at all was on the docket, Steven was in line prepared to work on it. He is the go to man. In fact, he is so awesome, that technically, he has earned two of these. (Fall 2009)
    Benjamin Coffee: for stepping up to take the Gold Key office when the position was vacant. (Spring 2010)

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