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To better share all of our files and pictures( because pictures of fighting, art projects and costumes are awesome!) we use a file/folder sharing program called Dropbox. We also use dropbox because google groups has ceased offering documents to be on their servers. So please follow these instructions to create your own dropbox with free bonus sppace. It is crucial you follow the instructions to get extra free space.

  1. Go to www.dropbox.com
  2. click on the blue button that says Download Dropbox
  3. download/save the installation file
  4. open the installation file Dropbox 1.1.35.exe. Please note: the number may change as it is updated
  5. yes you want to run the program if Windows asks. Dropbox is safe
  6. click install and wait a few seconds for the autoinstaller to finish
  7. select I don't have a Dropbox account
  8. hit next
  9. This next page is where you enter your personal information. Please use a .edu email because it gives you extra space for free
  10. Enter in your information: First and Last name, email
  11. Select the free 2 gb option unless you want to pay for the extra space per month. Hit next
  12. select typical setup type. Hit next
  13. The next 5 pages are tutorial on how to use Dropbox please read them all please
  14. After that your Dropbox is set up and ready to share with others
  15. If you have further questions contact me at sbarrow@uga.edu

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