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Welcome to the MARS webpage!

This is the Medieval and Renaissance Society at the University of Georgia. Welcome to the 2015 academic year. We have several fun things to offer. First and foremost is our comraderie. We operate like a small family. A family that occasioanlly hits each other with simulated weapons and then dances for the fun of it. For more information come on out on a Monday and chat with us. For more information or to make suggestions as to what should go onto this page feel free drop us a line at our .

Weekly Fighter Practice

We fight every week! If you are feeling stresed from school and want to experience the stress relieving excelence that is hitting someone as hard as you can with a stick, look no further. We are the club for you. Just be aware, that person you just hit, hits back so shield up. We also practice historical rapier fencing. The high intensity duels use real steel, blunted to prevent injury. These practices both happen on Mondays at 7:00PM. We usually meet on Myers Quad but during the colder months we practice at Bear Hollow off of Milledge Ave. For those of you who can drive the address is 293 Gran Elen Dr. For those of you who can't, never fear! We pick up for practice every monday at 6:45 at Myer's Quad. Join our Facebook group (above) to get updates on when things are happening.

Weekly Dance Practice

We aren't just fighters! We're lovers too! Come out to our Medieval Dance Practices every Wednesday from 7 until 8PM in Tate Room 141. We perform dances from all over Europe including everything from English Country Dance to Russian, we dance it all. But don't worry! No experience is neccessary. We always welcome newcomers. Like any dance party, the more the merrier.

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